doradora longlisted for Dezeen Awards 2019 / by Mark Dytham


We are delighted that our 'doradora' modular seating design for Karimoku has been long-listed in The Dezeen Awards "Best Seating Design" category. You can help the judging process by pinning doradora on your Pinterest board, just click the link below and pin it by September 1st :-))

カリモクのためにデザインした自由に組み合わせて使えるソファシリーズ「doradora」が今年のDezeen Awardsの一次審査を通過しました!二次審査に向けてピンタレスト投票があるので、みなさんの力を貸してください。9月1日まで投票できるのでぜひ下のURLからピンを保存してください!お願いします!



Doradora is a fun, colourful and flexible seating system for almost any space, whether home, office or a coffee shop. It was designed to make you feel instantly 'at home’, somewhere you can simply hang your jacket, sit down and kick back or catch up on emails. Doradora can be placed independently in any space and can be sat on from both sides, making it relaxed and approachable.

Doradora can be customized to suit the mood and atmosphere of any space with its simple proportions, flexible arrangement possibilities, colourful fabric choices and range of accessories to clip on.

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In today's shared economy and shared spaces, current seating design has become rigid and formal. We wanted to bring comfort and the informality of a home into public spaces and offices where most of people today spend the majority of their time.

Doradora's charm is in its simplicity, flexibility, warmth of wood, playfulness of bright fabric colours and refined copper plug and play details.

Doradora looks best when placed as a feature in the centre of a space, rather than along the wall. Depending on the space - and even on the occasion - it can be a long continuous meandering sofa. Or it can be combined into a big welcoming circle. Its modules can also be used as single seaters to compliment any layout.

Watch doradora video directed by picnique and performed by Strange Kinoko Dance Company

With its detachable accessories (coat hanger, plant stand, table, backrest, lamp, champagne bucket…) doradora can fit any occasion whether you need just a side table, sofa, day bed, informal meeting place or somewhere to have a chilled glass of champagne to celebrate the signing of a contract.

All accessories including backrests, can be placed on either side and break the rules of conventional seating which has a strict front and back. Rather than standing by the wall, doradora flows freely throughout the room.

It was important that the accessories plugged into the furniture legs in a simple, elegant and non technical way to keep doradora charming, while giving it the maximum flexibility of uses. The accessories include wooden tables with UV printed patterns and graphic lampshades.

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Doradora comes in series of playful coloured fabrics which we have curated with Kvadrat, but can be also produced in custom fabrics and leathers. 

Doradora is a collaboration between Karimoku, one of Japan’s largest wooden furniture manufacturers and our office. Available now at

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